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Website Packages

Noggin Website package #1.jpg

Package 1


Small Business, Smaller Plan


Looking to start a new business or looking to do an affordable upgrade? Our team has built hundreds of websites in all shapes and sizes and we can make something to fit your budget. Contact us to learn more about how to get started and how quickly we can get your business to reach its true online potential.

This is our Bronze Package: 

+ Simple website 

+ 1-5 pages

+ Simple SEO

+ Typically less than 1,000 site visitors

+ Mobile Website

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Noggin Website package #2.jpg
Think of Noggin as your Best Marketing Employee/ Team

Package 2


Medium Business, Beautiful Results



Have a business that is looking to expand and add more services or value to your customers? We have built 400+ websites in this package range this is where your business is starting to step away from the competition.

This is our Silver Package: 

+ Robust website

+ 5-10 pages

+ Robust SEO to rank pages

+ Typically 2,000 - 10,000 site visitors

+ Robust Mobile Website



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Package 3


Large Business, Big Ideas, Big Results



We build custom websites & apps that have custom marketing systems behind them. Larger businesses/ brands expand much quicker due to some people already knowing of the brand or service. We can position your brand to sell more online! 

This is our Gold Package:

+ Customized Website

+ 10-25 pages

+ Competitive SEO 

+ Typically 15,000 - 100,000+ site visitors

+ Custom Mobile Website


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