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About Noggin Branding

Noggin Branding is a one-stop-shop web-based branding and marketing consulting firm. We work with our clients to create truly compelling marketing content-based stories of your business/ staff/ processes to drive competitive retail and online business results. This unique process showcases how a business got started to how it is operating today. We learn about the owner, the employees, and the story of the scaling of their business and the impact that it has made on themselves, their employees, and their local or global communities. 
We also offer custom websites and search engine optimization with social media management/ marketing packages for clients. We are a full-scale agency that employs the newest web-based business tools to make your life less stressful and more successful online. We take the time to sit down and listen to what you need in a brand and we create the strategy and deliver the online views and sales to you and your business on a monthly and annual basis. Noggin Branding has worked with small business start-ups as well as international fortune 100 firms to expand their online presence by creating customized successful business and marketing campaigns. We can work with your business in a way that will open doors, as soon as you pick up the phone and ask us "where do we start?"


Noggin Branding’s customer service provides unparalleled access to the people at the heart of the company. You are liable to be connected to the head of the company, Michael James, and his incredible energy and get-down-to-business attitude. Michael is passionate about hearing your story—where you’ve been, issues and successes you’ve experienced, your goals moving forward—and then working to find out how he can inject his energy, know-how, and the elements of Noggin Branding into your business. Having worked with companies of all sizes from Vancouver BC down to Los Angeles and globally, Michael is skilled at adapting his talents to any sized project. He finds immediate ways for you to rise above the competition and increase your presence, placement, and profits from your marketing channels.


Collectively, we at Noggin feed off of Michael’s energy and work to meet his example of customer relations. We approach every project with careful consideration of the experience, desires, and expectations of each client. We want to help build on and develop the story and reputation of those customers that seek our services. Building a close relationship is important to us, and instrumental in the work process. 


Our team and network are made up of experts in web development, SEO and social media, branding, marketing, photo, and video production, aerial photo and video, advertising, apparel, and much more! We work with experts who will be instrumental in improving the standing of your company against its competitors in your market and industry. More importantly, how your company can reach a far greater pool of future clients to keep ahead of the competition. We understand that the most important trait to successful cooperation and development is communication, and we go out of our way to make ourselves available to you when you need us. With a transparent foundation base built on a clear exchange of information and ideas, we go about implementing a plan catered to your staff and company.  


We also have partners in many other service-providing companies and we are more than willing to connect you. Contact us today so that we can learn about you, your story, and how Noggin can make a difference for your business moving forward!

When Michael is not building businesses and marketing organizations he is out playing in his van and taking his cat out on adventures with his mountain bike, drone, and cameras. If he is not getting lost in the mountains or on a hike he is usually trying to get far enough away from civilization or where he can get away from a wifi signal to enjoy nature at its finest.  
Get in contact with us to get started in experiencing the fun again in your business & growth like fireworks taking off!
Thank you for taking the time to connect with Noggin Branding!
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