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The Noggin Podcast

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The Noggin Podcast talks about all things business, marketing, advertising, funding, finance and we bring in guests from all walks of life to mix up and bring quality content to educate and motivate people and business owners. We bring out ideas from the Noggin and into the real world. Welcome to the Noggin Podcast!

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Episode 1

Get to know Michael James and Noggin Branding his Marketing Agency.

Noggin Podcast - Episode 4.JPG

Episode 4

How our new startup came about with Solid Number. 

Noggin Podcast - Episode 7.JPG

Episode 7

Guest Speaker Grant Lira of The Empathy Firm.

Noggin Podcast - Episode 10.JPG

Episode 10

Guest and powerhouse Brendan Frazier of Wired Planning. He is one of the top 100 Financial Advisors!

Noggin Podcast - Episode 2.JPG

Episode 2

Owning any type of business right now. Being a Self-Made business owner.

Noggin Podcast - Episode 5.JPG

Episode 5

Noggin Branding is launching 8 new businesses/ services. Hear more on each one in detail.

Noggin Podcast - Episode 8.JPG

Episode 8

Guest Devora Fish - CEO - Up in the Chair - How to lift people up!

Noggin Podcast - Episode 3.JPG

Episode 3

Hear in detail how Michael start Noggin Branding Marketing 10 years ago.

Noggin Podcast - Episode 6.JPG

Episode 6

Guest Speaker David George Brooke of That Gratitude Guy.

Noggin Podcast - Episode 9.JPG

Episode 9

Guest - Regina Bergman of Bridgeport Strategy - Drives over $50,000 in revenue in 3 months!

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